Treatment Options

Condition Holistic Medicine Approach Western Medicine Approach
Adrenal fatigue Dietary changes, sleep hygiene, lab tests (blood and hormonal tests), herbal medicine, acupuncture Not recognized by Western medicine
Allergies Detoxification
programs, Chinese herbs, identification and elimination of
environmental allergens, identification of food intolerances through
elimination diet or bloodwork.
Allergy testing, medication-based treatment (Allegra)
Cancer By law, we can only treat cancer patients if they are being managed by an oncologist.Our supplemental treatments can reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, improve digestion and quality of sleep, decrease stress, boost the immune system, and provide the body with nutrients it needs for optimal function. Various oncology treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery.
Chronic Pain Anti-inflammatory diet, fish oils, herbal pain relievers, flower essences, homeopathy, acupuncture, counseling. Over-the-counter medications (Advil, Aleve), prescription pain medications.
Colds and flu Hydrotherapy, wet sock treatment, herbal supplements, homeopathy, gua sha, acupuncture. Antibiotics (for colds), antiviral medications (for flu), hydration and rest.
Diabetes Reduction of high glycemic-index foods, increase intake of antioxidants, thorough counseling and diet plans, weight-loss program, herbal supplements, increase in soluble fiber intake, Insulin shots, self-monitoring of blood sugar level, dietary changes, exercise, prescription medications.


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