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When people ask me about what I do, I say that I serve as a catalyst for healing.  I provide guidance and help individuals in their quest for reclaiming their authentic self, identifying factors that contribute or take away from their well-being.  Contrary to belief, doctors do not heal their patients;  the only person who can heal you is yourself.  You indeed are your best Doctor as no one knows how it feels to live in your body!  More on addressing the cause of illness

According to Webster, the word Naturopathy dates back to 1901 and means a system of treatment of disease that avoids drugs and surgery and emphasizes the use of natural agents and physical means. Naturopathic doctors believe that people are naturally healthy, and our job as physicians is to remove obstacles on a path to healing and help the body use its natural healing abilities.

What this means to you as a patient is that when you come into my office, you will be unlikely to hear about latest medications that just hit the market – some of the herbs I use have been discovered and documented by Chinese doctors thousands of years ago.  When you talk to me about a pain in your elbow, I may ask you an unexpected question about any emotional events that may have occurred in your past.  I’ll take your pulse and not just count the heart beats, but will also be able to tell if some of your organ systems may need help.  If you ask me about lowering your cholesterol, I’ll be unlikely to prescribe drugs to you, but instead will help you make changes in your diet and recommend supplements to achieve the desired result without negative side effects.

I’ll be happy to tell you more about myself and give you an opportunity to get to know me as a person when you come to my clinic for your visit.

Kind regards,

Dr. Shinsato


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